In 2004 I founded the company Coursedesign; a company that originated from a hobby with many services in the field of course construction in the carriage driving sport.
At my company I offer my services as a course designer and course builder.
My passion for carriage driving, my experience as a groom at driving competitions, and my experience as a course designer of various (large) driving competitions gave me many ideas for designing, developing and building driving obstacles and accessories for individuals and professionals in the driving sport.
In recent years, many developments have taken place in the manufacture of these obstacles and products. The obstacles are made of durable and recyclable material, are easy to (dis) assemble, and are characterized by their mobility, compactness, light weight and safety. With course design obstacles a nice variation in courses can be made and they are easy to transport.
Due to their shape and material, the obstacles can be used for both indoor and outdoor, training and competitions. At the moment, the obstacles are often used in training by federations competition drivers and (World Cup) competitions.
See the following pages for more information about the different shapes, options, colors and prices.
In addition to manufacturing and selling the mobile obstacles in-house, Coursedesign supplies a range of driving equipment. You can also go to coursedesign for a (professional) cones course. You can always contact me for expert advice.
Fact: 60% of the fei world cup competitions and 80% of the world cup drivers use course design products.

Johan Jacobs

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